Introduction to OneNote

OneNote is a virtual notebook that proactively saves and syncs your notes whilst you work.

It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Recording information in your notebook or transferring it from other apps or webpages.
  • Taking handwritten notes or sketching your ideas.
  • Using highlighting and tags for simple follow-up.
  • Sharing notebooks to co-operate with others.
  • Accessing your notebooks from any device.

Quick Start

What’s new in OneNote for Windows 10

Get started with the new OneNote

Basic Tasks/Commands for OneNote Windows 10

Take notes

Format notes

OneNote video training

Accessibility support for OneNote

Do things quickly with Tell Me

Create a new notebook

Save notes and notebooks

Open a notebook

Print notes

Switch between notebooks

Touch gestures

Use different versions of OneNote on the same computer

Use multiple Microsoft accounts

Where is the radial menu in OneNote?


Draw and sketch

Stay organised

Share and sync

OneNote on mobile devices

Set up your mobile apps

Learn more

Want more?

What’s the difference between OneNote and OneNote 2016?

Take notes

OneNote for Windows 10

Video: Take notes in OneNote

Convert and solve math equations

Send documents and files to OneNote for Windows 10

Embed content

Insert a file

Create links to notebooks, sections, pages, and paragraphs

Add a link

Research your paper easily


Format notes

OneNote for Windows 10

Format text

Check spelling

Insert a table

Video: Format pages

Change the background color of a page

Add a picture to a page

Edit and crop pictures

Insert online video

Send photos and images from other apps

Learning Tools

Draw & sketch

OneNote for Windows 10

Write notes and draw

Change the colour and thickness of ink strokes

Draw straight lines or measure with the ruler

Replay ink strokes

Group selected ink strokes in a drawing

Select all nearby ink strokes in a drawing


Share & sync

OneNote for Windows 10

Sync notebooks

Share a page of notes or an entire notebook

Protect notes with a password

Notebook storage options

Stay organised

OneNote for Windows 10

Video: Organise your notebooks

Video: Create more room in your notebook

Search for notes

Tips for searching notes


OneNote for Windows 10

Troubleshoot errors

Find my lost notes

Resolve the 0xE0000007 error (“We ran into a problem syncing your notebook”)

Why doesn’t the screen clipping tool work anymore?

Where’s OneNote 2016 in the Microsoft Store?

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