Introduction to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a presentation programme allowing you to do the following:

  • Create new presentations from start to finish, or using a template.
  • Apply text, images, art, and videos.
  • Choose a professional design with PowerPoint Designer.
  • Use transitions, animations, and motion.
  • Save to OneDrive, to access your presentations from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Share and collaborate with others, from anywhere.

Create a presentation

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Choose an option:
  • Click Blank Presentation to design a presentation from start to finish.
  • Choose one of the displayed templates.
  • Click Take a Tour, and then choose Create, to view tips for working with PowerPoint.
  • Choose the slide you want your latest slide to come after.
  • Select Home > New Slide.
  • Click Layout and your preferred type from the drop-down menu.

Add a picture, shape, or chart

  1. Click Insert.
  2. For adding a picture:
  • Press Picture.
  • Search for your desired picture and choose Insert.
  1. To insert a shape, or chart:
  • Choose Shapes, Icons, SmartArt, or Chart.
  • Decide which one you want.

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