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You can join your appointment via Microsoft Teams Meetings from any device, irrespective of whether you have any experience of using Teams before. The provided instructions are for joining from a desktop computer.

Want to join from a phone or tablet instead? Refer to the Mobile tab to learn how.

Join from a computer

1. Enter your booking confirmation e-mail and pick the Join Teams meeting link.

Bookings app with Join link highlighted
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2. That’ll transport you directly to the meeting if you’re using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, our suggested web browsers.

For other web browsers, you’ll be presented with three choices. For the quickest way to join, press Continue on this web browser.

Join booking from desktop - options for joining - select continue on this browser

3. A message could emerge prompting if it’s okay for Teams to use your mic and camera. Click Allow to enable the other participants on the video call can see and hear you.

4. Type your name and check your audio and video are switched on.

Join booking - enter name - turn audio and video on

5. Once you’re ready, tap Join now.

Join a booking - hit Join now

6. Wait until the person running your appointment registers you to the meeting.

Note: If no one admits you to the meeting within 15 minutes, you’ll be taken out from the meeting lobby. If that occurs, you can try joining again.

7. Once the person running your appointment joins, their video displays in the main screen and yours emerges in the lower right corner. 

Bookings meeting via Microsoft Teams

8. After your appointment is complete, press End call.

Bookings appointment end call

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