Learn how to Convert Times

  • Applies to: Excel for Microsoft 365,Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel 2007.

In this blog post, you will learn how to convert times. Please keep reading to see and learn how to convert times in multiple ways.

Let’s imagine that you’re curious about discovering how many hours there are in 5.5 days. Or, perhaps how many days there are in 3.45 years. Or alternatively, exactly how many months will elapse between a beginning date and an ending date.

How to Convert between time units

To convert from one time unit to an alternate one, use the CONVERT function.Example: Convert between time units

Note: For conversions that encompass a year, think of a year as 365.25 days.

How to Convert a standard time format to a decimal number

To convert from hours : minutes : seconds format, use the INT function.  

Example: Convert hours from standard time format to a decimal number

How to Convert from a decimal to the standard time format

To convert from decimal to hours : minutes : seconds format, use the divisor operator (/) alongside the TEXT function.

Example: Convert hours from decimal number to the standard time

Note: You can even set the time format excluding the use of the TEXT function to elaborate the format. To see the number as a time: choose the cell and, on the Home tab—in the Number group—select the arrow beside the Number Format box. Then, select More Number Formats, choose Custom in the Category list, and then pick a custom format in the Type box. Remember: if you use both a format linked with the TEXT function and number format, the TEXT function is given top priority.

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