Making a PivotTable

Design a PivotTable

  1. Choose your preferred cells to create a PivotTable from: Note:  Your data shouldn’t contain any blank rows/columns. It must only include a single-row heading.  
  2. Click Insert > PivotTable.  
  3. Below Choose the data that you want to analyse, choose Select a table or range.  
  4. In Table/Range, confirm the cell range.
  5. Under Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be placed, select New worksheet to arrange the PivotTable in a new worksheet or Existing worksheet and then confirm the location you want the PivotTable to be based.
  6. Press OK.

Structuring the Contents of your PivotTable

  1. To insert a field in your PivotTable, confirm the field name checkbox in the PivotTables Fields pane. Note: Chosen fields are placed in their pre-defined sections: non-numeric fields are set to Rows, date and time hierarchies are allocated to Columns, and numeric fields are inserted into Values.  
  2. To relocate a field from one field to a different one, drag the field to the desired area.
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