Manage tasks in Planner

Add tasks to a plan

  1. Press + Add task under the relevant bucket heading that you prefer to create a new task.

A new plan begins with a To do bucket heading, although pre-existing plans may have labelled buckets in comparison.

  1. Press Enter a task name.
  1. Write the task name.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Tap Enter to make a task without a due date.
  • Click Set due date and decide a date. Then choose Add Task to produce a task with a due date.

Create multiple tasks quickly

  1. Pick + Add task beneath the bucket heading of that which you want to insert a task.
  1. Choose Enter a task name.
  1. Enter every task name, tapping Enter following each to confirm the task.

Following increasing the amount of people and tasks to your plan, you can assign people to tasks.

Screenshot of the Add task box in Planner

Add task start and due dates

  1. Pick the task to launch the task window.
  1. Choose Start anytime under Start date, and then pick your preferred start date.
  1. Click Due anytime beneath Due date, and then choose your ideal due date.
  1. Press dismiss Dismiss button in the upper-right corner of the task window to save your work and exit the task.
Add a due date

Comment on a task

  1. Choose the task to display the task window.
  1. Pick Type your message here in the Comments section of the task window.
  1. Enter your sought comment to be attached to the task.
  1. Click Send.
Screenshot of the Comments section of a Planner task
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Add an attachment to a task

  1. Click the task to launch the task window.
  1. Press Add attachment.
  1. Choose File to link a locally stored file, click Link to contain a link, or press SharePoint to attach a file from a SharePoint site.
  1. Search for the file location and pick your required file to attach, or input the link details.

When attaching a file, you can upload the file to OneDrive for the plan, or you can browse to obtain it if it’s previously been uploaded. If your file isn’t found on OneDrive for the plan, you can insert a link to it instead.

When you first attach a file, photo, or link to a task, that attachment changes to the task’s preview picture. It’s displayed on the Board, and gives a fast method to discern the task and start operating. Want to change the preview picture for a task?

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