Mark a message as important or urgent in Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

If you intend to guarantee that people take your message seriously, mark it as important or urgent.

Urgent message in Teams.

To do that, click Set Delivery Options Mark as important button underneath the compose box, and then pick Important or Urgent. That appends the word “IMPORTANT!” or “URGENT!” to your message. When in the message, you can then embed files, links, or pictures—anything you require to get your message out there!

Important message in Teams.

To undo this option, pick Standard from your delivery options, and the message will be delivered as normal.

FYI—An urgent message will update a person or group repeatedly, every 2 minutes for 20 minutes, or until they read it. You’ll have to assess depending on your organisation and culture what messages are urgent.

Note: Your administrator needs to enable urgent messages.

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