Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Create and share lists

Create a list

  • Press or select + New List. This forms a list with the title Untitled List. To change its name, pick it and enter a new name.

Create a to-do

  • Press + Add a task, write the task, and choose Enter. Your latest task is created at the end of your list.

Share a list

  • Press or choose the sharing icon to the left of the three dots in the top right of any list you’ve produced.
  • When the sharing menu appears, pick the blue Create Invitation Link button.
  • Press the blue Copy Link button.
  • Send the sharing link to your collaborators using your favourite e-mail or messenger app by simply pasting the link.
Share icon selected
Screenshot showing the Sharing menu

Note: List sharing for work or school accounts is currently restricted to members within your organisation. 

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