Microsoft To-Do Quick Start -Plan and connect

Plan and connect in Microsoft To Do

Use My Day and suggestions to organise every day and prioritise completing most pressing tasks. Connect Microsoft To Do with Outlook and control your flagged e-mail and Outlook Tasks at any time and location, also including mobile.

Add tasks to My Day

With My Day and suggestions, concentrating on your tasks with the highest importance is much simpler than ever before. When you first launch To Do daily, you’ll see a brand-new My Day. Here, you can type the tasks you’d like to address for the day ahead. After using Microsoft To Do for at a minimum of one day, you can also insert tasks from suggestions.

To plan your day using suggestions:

  1. Click the lightbulb in the top right.
  1. Review the most important suggested tasks, and press + to join them to My Day. As well as this, you can also input new to-dos straight into My Day.

Each of the tasks typed in My Day will also be saved in your Tasks list. Any outstanding tasks which weren’t finished today will be saved and recommended to you tomorrow.

Connect with Outlook

To see your Outlook Tasks and handle your flagged e-mail directly in Microsoft To Do, sign in with the same personal, work, or school e-mail account.  

All tasks are reserved on Exchange Online services, so they’ll display in both Microsoft To Do and Outlook by default.

To activate the Flagged Email list, pick the option to Show List.Option to enable Flagged Email by selecting Show list or Not now
Another way to do this is to enable the list in Settings. Flagged email connection toggled to on in To Do settings

Once enabled, your flagged e-mail will pop up as tasks in Microsoft To Do. The task’s name will form the subject of the flagged message and will contain a preview of the email’s text in its detail view. To launch the first e-mail, choose the option to Open in Outlook from detail view. Items in the Flagged E-mail list can be renamed, given deadlines and reminders, inserted to My Day, and labelled as Important. 

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