Move or duplicate cells and cell contents

Select Cut, Copy, and Paste to change or copy cell contents. Or duplicate particular contents or characteristics from the cells. For instance, copy the calculated value of a formula without duplicating the formula, or choose to copy just the formula.

When you rearrange or duplicate a cell, Excel relocates or copies the cell, alongside formulas and their end values, cell formats, and comments.

You can rearrange cells in Excel through drag and dropping or applying the Cut and Paste functions.

Move cells by drag and dropping

  1. Choose the cells or range of cells that you have to move or copy.
  2. Move the cursor to the border of the selection.
  3. When the cursor changes to a move pointer, drag the cell or cell range to another area.

Move cells by using Cut and Paste

  1. Click a cell or a cell range.
  2. Choose Home > Cut or press Ctrl + X.
  3. Click a cell for relocating the data.
  4. Choose Home > Paste or press Ctrl + V.
Duplicate cells in your worksheet with the Copy and Paste commands.

  1. Choose the cell or range of cells.
  2. Click Copy or press Ctrl + C.
  3. Choose Paste or press Ctrl + V.

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