Open and use the web part maintenance page

Applies to: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise.

If you suspect a web part is causing problems on your SharePoint page, you can open the web part maintenance page to help isolate and fix issues. You must have edit permissions to use the page.

Note: If you’re working with classic web parts, see the instructions for 2016, 2013.

The web part maintenance page in SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2019 is actually a “maintenance mode.” While in maintenance mode, you can:

  • See and copy the data and manifest information for each web part.
  • Delete web parts you suspect are causing problems.
  • Reorder web parts.

Note: You cannot edit web parts in maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode initially opens in a view-only state, but if you have edit permissions, you can remove and rearrange web parts.

Web part maintenance mode

Open web part maintenance mode

  1. Visit the page for which you want to open web part maintenance mode.
  1. In the address line of your browser, add ?maintenancemode=true to the end of the URL for the page. For example:

On your page, you will see an overview of data from the Manifest and Data tabs. The summary information contains:

AliasThe name of the web part
IdThe unique ID of the web part
Instance IdThe ID of a specific instance of a web part (that is, if you have two more of the same web parts on a page, they will each have the same web part ID, but a different instance ID.
IsInternalIndicates whether the web part was made by Microsoft or a third party. If True, it is made by Microsoft. If False, it is made by a third party.
VersionThe version number of the web part.
EnvironmentEnvironment: Indicates the SharePoint environment in use.0 = Test environment1 = Local Workbench2 = SharePoint3 = Classic SharePoint
UserAgentA string that contains information about the device and software in use (such as browser type and version).

Copy data

  1. Find the web part for which you want to copy data.
  1. Press Copy data.
Click the copy data icon to copy the current web part data
  1. Paste the data into a text editor or a specific tool you use for web part development.

Note: It is not yet possible to directly edit data or manifest information in web part maintenance mode.

Delete or move web parts

  1. While you are in maintenance mode, select Edit at the top right of the page. Do one of the following:
  • Select Delete Delete web part icon to remove a web part.
  • Pick Move Move web part button and then drag the item where you want.

Save, Discard, or Publish changes

  • Press Discard changes to undo any changes you made.

click discard changes to ignore any changes you did with the web part
  • Pick Save and close to save your changes.
Click save and close to keep your changes
  • Select Publish to publish your changes.
Click Publish when you're ready to show your changes

Leave maintenance mode

Delete ?maintenancemode=true from the URL and refresh the page.

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