Print labels for your mailing list

Applies to: Word for Office 365, Word for Office 365 for Mac, Word 2019, Word 2019 for Mac, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2016 for Mac, Word for Mac 2011, Word Starter 2010.

With your address list structured in an Excel spreadsheet, Outlook Contacts, or you produce a new list, start mail merge in Word to design mailing labels.

  1. Click Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Labels.
  1. In the Label Options dialogue box, select your label supplier in the Label vendors list.
  1. In the Product number list, pick the product number on your package of labels.

Tip: If none of the options match your labels, click New Label, writer your label’s information, and name it. Press OK to create the new label to the Product number list.

  1. Press OK. Your document now presents a table with an outline of the labels. If the table isn’t displayed to you, find Table Layout and choose View Gridlines.
  1. Click File > Save to save your document.
  1. Select Mailings > Select Recipients, and then pick an option. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.
  1. Press OK.
  1. Click Mailings and do one of the following:
  1. Format the fields in the first label to achieve your preferred presentation for your remaining labels.
  1. Click Mailings > Update Labels.
  1. Find Mailings > Preview Results.
  • Tip: Select Preview Results again to view, insert or delete merge fields. Choose Update labels once done if you apply alterations.
  1. Click Mailings > Finish & Merge > Print Documents.
  • Tip: To review and revise each label separately before printing, select Mailings > Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents. Once finished, click File > Print.

See also

To create a page of labels with graphics, see Add graphics to labels.

To add barcodes to your mailing list labels, see Add barcodes to labels.

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