Print notes in OneNote for Windows 10

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10.

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You can quickly print a single page, a full section, or a complete notebook.

  1. On any page in OneNote for Windows 10, select or tap the Settings and More button Settings And More Buttonfound in the top right corner.
  1. Press Print, and then do any of the following:
Printer dialog with single page selected

  • Below Printer, choose your preferred physical or virtual printer to use.

Tip: If your desired printer is unavailable, ensure it was installed properly. In Windows 10, press the Start button, and then click Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. In the list of installed printers, pick the printer you want to manage, or select + Add a printer or scanner to install your printer. When your printer has been successfully installed and configured, restart OneNote, and then try selecting your printer again.

  • Below Copies, confirm how many copies you want to print. (This setting is only visible if you have a physical printer selected.)
  • Under Orientation, pick if you want to print in Portrait (tall pages) or Landscape (wide pages).
  • Beneath Pages, decide if you want to print the Current Page, the Current Section, or the Current Notebook.
  • To export to PDF, in the Printer list, click Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • To choose a page size, select or tap More settings and then pick a size under Paper and quality.

Note: Additional settings may be available for your exact printer model — like duplex printing, colour preferences, or collation options.

  1. Press or tap Print to print your notes with your chosen options.

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