Prioritise content management tasks with attention views

Applies to: SharePoint Online SharePoint Server 2019.

When a column in a document library/list is setup to demand information, essential information might be missing.

SharePoint can get your attention to the missing info. Use Files that need attention in libraries and Items that need attention in lists to rapidly locate and manage missing info.

Accessing attention views 

Files that need attention and Items that need attention are menu items that are only displayed when necessary. For example, Files that need attention will be presented for a library alongside a file that is missing info.

To view all the files across a document library that are missing required information:

  • Choose View Options > Files that need attention.
Files that need attention under the View Options menu

To view all items across a list that are missing required information:

  • Pick View Options > Items that need attention.
Items that need attention under the View options menu

Visual cues for files that need attention in a document library 

When one or multiple files is missing required info, the view will visually differ to alert you.

The visual indicators contain a yellow bar in front of the file name and a warning message to aid you swiftly spotting where the action must be taken. 

The yellow bars indicate missing information
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Another visual cue is the red dot on the View options menu of a document library. The red dot asks you to act and assign the missing values in the required columns.

Indicator on the View Options icon

Resolving metadata updates in bulk

You can revise one or more items that require attention without exiting the page by accessing the details pane.

To resolve metadata in bulk:

  1. Choose the yellow warning message to launch the details pane for one of the files you want to update.
  1. Insert additional files with equivalent common values using CTRL + click or SHIFT + click. The bulk edit pane should reveal itself to you.
Select multiple items, and bulk edit them

SharePoint Online

Select items and bulk edit columns
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SharePoint Server 2019

  1. Enter values for the missing information.
  1. Press the Save button to confirm the changes to every item simultaneously once.
Details list with files that need attention

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