Produce a new Excel workbook

Applies to: Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010, Excel Starter 2010.

A workbook is a file that includes one or more worksheets to help with the management of data. Moreover, a new Excel workbook can be made from a blank workbook or a template.

In this introduction, I’m going to outline some benefits of creating a new Excel workbook. After this, I will guide you how to produce a new Excel workbook on both newer versions of Excel and Office 2010.

Firstly, making a new workbook allows you to lay out all the data in relation to something, such as timesheets, projects, company performance, and measures of success. Secondly and most importantly., producing a new workbook enables you to store data and quickly analyse and visually represent the patterns/trends reflected by the data. In this way, you can enjoy telling a story with what some data is depicting, although some people will disagree with this.

Thirdly, a workbook is equipped with built-in calculations which allow you to take full advantage of Excel’s arithmetic capabilities. This particularly proves to be resourceful when you have workbooks with loads of data and want fast results. Also, many other spreadsheet programmes are compatible with importing Excel worksheets into their distinct formats and exporting their tailored spreadsheets as Excel files. Above all, this saves you time from having to enter all your data in another spreadsheet programme. In conclusion, Excel worksheets can be quickly added to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to design more visually engaging reports and presentations.

Newer Versions

Produce a new Excel workbook

  1. First, start Excel.
  2. Next, choose Blank workbook. You can also press Ctrl+N.
  1. Thirdly, begin typing.

Produce a new Excel workbook from a template

  1. First, click File > New.
  1. Next, double-click a template.
  1. Third, click and type.

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