Produce a Chart

Create a Chart

  1. Choose data for the chart.
  1. Click Insert > Recommended Charts.
  1. Press a chart on the Recommended Charts tab, to visualise the chart.

Note: You can choose the data you want in the chart and press ALT + F1 to produce a chart instantly, but it might not be best suited for your particular data. Click the All Charts tab to see all the various types of chart if you don’t see a chart you prefer.

4. Confirm a chart.

5. Press OK.

Add a trendline

  1. Choose a chart.
  2. Press Design > Add Chart Element.
  3. Click Trendline and then confirm the trendline type you desire, like Linear, Exponential, Linear Forecast, or Moving Average.

Still need help?

Alternatively, you can enlist an expert in the Excel Tech Community, find support in the Answers Community, or recommend a new feature or area of improvement on Excel User Voice.

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