Project desktop: Create a project

In Project, you can:

  • Produce project plans.
  • Construct project teams and assign resources.
  • Look at different views of task and resources.
  • Benchmark progress.
  • Control budgets.
Image depicting two views of a project plan
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  • This Quick Start is specific to Microsoft Project 2019, 2016, and the Office 365 subscription Project Online Desktop Client. Project Online has some extra features that assist online interaction.

Create a project from a template

  1. Launch Project.
    Or pick File > New if you’re currently working in a project plan.
  1. Click a template or enter in the Search for online templates box and then select Enter.
    Or, confirm Blank Project to design a fresh project.
  1. When you click a template, pick your preferred options and press Create. Adapt the resources, tasks, and durations in the template to match your own project’s needs.

Note: To make a new project from an existing project, edit the project start and finish dates, and then save the project file with a different name or in a different location.

Screenshot of project plan templates in the Business category.
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Add tasks to a project

  1. Press View > Task Views > Gantt Chart.
  1. Input a task name in the first empty Task Name field.
  1. Click Enter.
  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to type the tasks you want.

If inserting tasks individually begins to become too tedious, you can also:

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