Project desktop: Edit a project

Outline tasks in a project

Indent and outdent tasks to indicate hierarchy. An indented task turns into subtask of the task above it, which converts into a summary task.

  1. Choose View > Task Views > Gantt Chart.
  1. Click the task or tasks in the Task Name column that you prefer to indent or outdent.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Press Task > Schedule >Indent Task Indent Task button in the ribbon. or press Alt+Shift+Left, to convert the task into a subtask.
  • Click Task > Schedule > Outdent Task Outdent Task button on the ribbon. or press Alt+Shift+Right, to rearrange the task to the level of the task above it.

You can use subtasks and summary tasks to display phases, easily traverse across a vast project, and more.

Screenshot of outlined tasks in a project plan.

Link tasks in a project

You can connect any two tasks in a project to reveal their relationship, which is known as a task dependency. After you connect the tasks, each change you make to one influences the other.

  1. Click View > Task Views > Gantt Chart.
  1. Hold down Ctrl and confirm the two tasks you want to link (in the Task Name column).
  1. Choose Task > Link the Selected Tasks Link Tasks button on the Task tab of the ribbon or press Ctrl+F2.

Project supports four kinds of task links to indicate different relationships.

For further information about task links and scheduling, see How Project schedules tasks: Behind the scenes.

Composite screenshot of linked tasks in a project plan and Gantt chart.

Change your view

  1. Choose the View tab.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Pick your suited view to use in the Task Views group or Resource Views group.
  • Choose Gantt Chart > More Views to view each of the available views, and then pick from the options in the More Views dialogue box.

Need some help choosing the right view of your project?

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