Project desktop: Manage a project

Add a milestone

  1. Press View > Task Views > Gantt Chart.
  1. State the milestone name in the first empty row or choose your preferred task to change into a milestone.
  1. Enter 0 in the Duration field.
  1. Tap Enter. The milestone symbol is now included in your Gantt Chart.
Image of milestone symbol on a Gantt Chart

Assign people to tasks

  1. Pick View > Task Views > Gantt Chart.
  1. Click the arrow in the Resource Names column for the task you prefer to assign.
  1. Do one of the following:
  • Choose people from the list to work on the task.
  • Input a new name, should you not see the person’s name you want to assign.

Note: If no names are found in the list, then no one has been added to the project yet. Either put a new name in the column, or, if you’re using Project Online, Project Online Desktop Client, or Project Professional, you can add resources to the enterprise resource pool before assigning them to work on tasks.

Composite screenshot of tasks with assigned resources in a project plan and Gantt chart.
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Set a baseline

You can take a snapshot of your initial schedule by defining and saving a baseline. This allows you to see how your project is performing compared to your original plan.

  1. Pick Project > Schedule > Set Baseline > Set Baseline.
  1. Confirm your preferred baseline to set, from the Set baseline list.

Tip: You can set up to 11 baselines in a single project. Do this to get regular snapshots of the project’s current standings.

  1. Choose Entire Project.
  1. Press OK.
Screenshot of the Set Baseline dialog box.

Create a project report

  1. Choose the Report tab.
  1. Confirm the report type you want in the View Reports group, and then pick a particular report. For example, to launch the Project Overview report, click Report > Dashboards > Project Overview.
Project Overview report
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