Project for the web: Manage a project

Track by progress

  1. In Board view, pick Group by and click Progress from the drop-down.
  1. Drag a task from Not started to In progress, or In progress to Completed.
Drag-and-dropping a task in the Board view for Planner
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Track by percent complete

  1. In Timeline view, press the vertical dots by a task name and select Open details.
  1. Below % Complete, type a number reflecting the proportion of work completed on this task, or select the arrows to move the percentage up or down by 25%. As you alter the percentage:
  • The task bar will become dark blue for the proportion of the task you’ve finished.
  • If you mark the task to 100%, the task will be checked off as complete.
The details pane of the Timeline view in Planner, showing the progress on a dependent task
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Mark tasks complete

To mark a task as complete:

  • In any view, click the circle prior to the task name.

When you mark a task complete:

  • The circle will convert into a white checkmark in on a green circle.
  • The task name will have a line through it.
  • The task’s percent complete will switch to 100%.
The Grid view in Planner, with a completed task selected
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