Project for the Web Quick Start: Create a project

Start a new project

  1. In Project Home, click New blank project.
  1. Press Untitled project and name your project.
  • Without configuring any settings, you are the Project Manager and today is confirmed as the project Start date, but you can edit these to your personal preferences.

Add tasks and summary tasks

  1. Pick Add new task and enter a task name. Then click Enter.
  1. Type another task name and press Enter again until you have a full list of tasks.
  1. To indent tasks below summary tasks, choose the three vertical dots beside the task name and select Make subtask.


  1. To pick several tasks, choose a task, press and hold Ctrl, and then click another task.
  1. You can also select Promote subtask to relocate tasks out from beneath summary tasks.
The Add New Task selection in Project
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The Make Sub-Task menu selection within a project in Project
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Assign tasks

To assign tasks, your project must be associated with an Office 365 Group. If you’re the project owner, you can:

  • Insert your project to a group by selecting Group members at the top of your project.
  • Add or delete people from the project’s group.

To assign a task:

  1. In the Assigned to column for a task, pick the person icon.
  1. Select a team member from the list or type text to search for one.

For further information on assigning tasks, see Share a project.

Add duration and columns

It’s usually simplest to start building your project with timescales.

  1. In the Duration column for a task, input the number of days you anticipate it will take to achieve. If you want to use a different unit of time, type a number and the word hoursweeks, or months. If you want your task to appear as a diamond-shaped milestone  Screen shot of a milestone icon in Project for the web in Timeline view, enter 0 days in the Duration column.
  1. Click Enter to move to the next task’s Duration field and continue typing durations.

Note: You can’t put any duration for summary tasks.

You can keep creating extra details to your project by inserting columns.

  • Next to the Duration column header, select Add Column.

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