Raise your hand in a Teams meeting

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Amid a meeting, you can raise a virtual hand to tell people you wish to contribute without disrupting the flow of the conversation. 

Simply press Raise your hand Raise your hand in the meeting controls.

Button to raise your hand

Everyone in the meeting will notice that you’ve raised your hand. 

Raised hand notification

Meeting presenters will even get a notification that your hand is raised, and they can put your hand down when you’ve had a chance to speak. 

Click Show participants Add people to team button  to view a list of everyone in attendance. Anyone who’s raised their hand will have an icon beside their name. Once numerous people raise their hands, they’ll be shown in the order by which they raised them. 

List of meeting attendees with raised hands

Note: This feature isn’t available in one-on-one calls.

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