Reorder the teams list


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

To rearrange your teams, pick Teams Teams button , then press and drag the team name to any place in your teams list.

Image of teams list

Note: Every team you belong to shows up in your teams list, either in Your teams or inside Hidden at the bottom of your list.

Hide teams you don’t use 

Concentrate on the teams you’re most active in, and cover the ones where you’re less so. To help maximise your organisation, we’ll instantly relocate teams you haven’t checked in many weeks to the Hidden menu at the base of your teams list. They’ll still refresh with any new activity and you can check them whenever you want, they only won’t inundate your teams list.

You’ll be notified anytime a team gets shuffled down to the Hidden menu and offered the option to either approve the move or cancel it. Rearrange a team back at any time by clicking More options … > Show to shuffle it back up with the remainder of the teams in your Show.

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