Rotate a picture or shape

Applies to: Word for Office 365, Word 2019, Word 2016.

There are various ways to rotate a shape or picture.

Manually rotate a picture or shape

  1. Choose the picture or shape.
  1. Manually rotate the text box by picking the shape or picture rotation handle and dragging in your sought direction. To maintain the rotation to 15 degree angles, press and hold Shift whilst dragging the rotation handle.
Rotation handle on a shape

Rotate a picture or shape a specific amount

  1. Pick the picture or shape.
  1. Select Shape Format or Picture Format > Rotate, or press Drawing Tools (or Picture Tools if you’re rotating a picture), on the Format tab, press Rotate, and then choose More Rotation Options.
  1. Select any of the rotation commands in the list, or click More Rotation Options.
Rotate menu with More rotation options select
  1. Type your desired amount to rotate the object in the Rotation box.

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