Schedule a booking in the Teams Bookings app

Once you schedule a booking, a Microsoft Teams Meeting link is instantly imported to the e-mail delivered to attendees and staff. The wonder of Teams video meetings is that attendees can join from any computer or mobile device, regardless of either having or not owing a Teams account.

  1. Find your booking calendar and pick  Cross icon at top of the screen  New Booking. You can even browse staff member schedules and select any available time.
  2. Pick your Appointment type.

    Appointment type dropdown in Bookings app
  3. Complete the relevant information.

    The fields in the form differ to some degree based upon the business type chosen at setup.

    Create a booking in the Bookings app in Microsoft Teams
  4. Insert optional reminders. Customisable messages can be sent to staff and attendees. 
Add reminder in a Booking in the Teams Booking app
  1. Tap Send in the upper left of the screen… and you’re raring to go!!

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