Search for notes in OneNote for Windows 10

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10.

Regardless of where you place your notes in OneNote for Windows 10, you can reach them easily by searching. OneNote can search typed text, handwritten notes, and words that appear in imported images.

  1. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+F, or click the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the top of the Page list.
  1. In the Search box that emerges, type a search word or phrase, and then hit Enter.
  1. Just under the Search box, select the arrow to modify the scope of your search, if required. You can search All Notebooks, the Current Notebook, the Current Section, or the Current Page.
Shows search drop down with scoping options, current page is active.
  1. If your search text was contained in any of your notes, press to choose any page in the list of search results that displays. OneNote will load the page you click and then reveal all instances of your search text on that page.

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