Send a file, picture, or link in Teams


Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Once you’re in a chat, you can send messages that contain files, pictures, and links.

Send a link

To send a link, click Format Expand icon in Teams below the compose box, then press Insert link Insert link icon in Teams .

Select Format to expand the box.

Attach display text and the address, and then pick Insert, or simply copy and paste the link into the compose box and press Send Send message icon in Teams . After you send it, the message including your link has a thumbnail image and preview, which you can dismiss if you’d prefer not see it. 

Note: Teams has its​ own ATP Safe Links security to verify that any link that you send or receive is safe to click on. As an added layer of protection, we’ll let you know if we’ve identified a potentially unsafe link.

Include a file or picture

To embed a file or picture in a message, choose Choose file Choose file button under the compose box. Then, you can upload an file or picture from your computer or OneDrive, or search for one from the Files tab for that channel.

In a chat conversation, select Choose file Choose file button and choose your desired file or picture from your computer or OneDrive.

File upload options for a message

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