Send a message to a channel in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Anytime you visit any channel in Teams, the very first tab is Posts. Visualise this as one huge group chat. Everyone with access to the channel can view the messages on the Posts tab.

Channel posts

The other significant element to know about messages in a channel is that replies to a channel message remain attached to the original message. In effect, the entire thread of the conversation can be effortlessly followed by anyone reading it. This is the ease of threaded conversations!

To reply to a channel message, press the little Reply link beneath the message.

Reply to a channel conversation.

To send a message to everyone in a certain channel (the whole team), follow these steps:

  1. First, pick your desired channel.
  1. Then, pick Reply to respond to a current thread or find the compose box at the bottom of the Posts tab to begin a new one.
  1. Next, enter your message in the box and press Send  Send message icon in Teams . Voila! Your message now becomes live in the channel.

If you merely want to chat to one person or a small group, see Start a chat in Teams.

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