Send and read messages in Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.


Chat eases the process of sending and reading messages, allowing you to rapidly share information with your teammates.

Start a conversation on the Conversation tab in Teams.

Send a message

Press New chat Chat icon in Teams. at the top of the app to begin a new conversation.

Enter the name or names into the To field at the top of your new chat.

Type your message in the box at the bottom of the chat. To open your formatting options, click Format  Format button in Teams under the box.

Select Format to expand the box.

After you’re ready, press Send Send a message icon. . Everyone with chat access can view your message.

Note: Right now, Teams doesn’t let you message yourself. A chat message needs to be sent to another team member.

Send more messages

When the chat has started (whether group or one-on-one), simply select it in the chat list to delve back into it and send more messages.

Name your group chat so you can find it.

Edit or delete a sent message

You can amend or erase any message that you have sent to a chat or channel. Locate the message and click More options  More options button > Edit or Delete. Press Enter to save the update.

Edit or delete a message in Teams

Once you obtain a message, there are multiple actions you can take on that message. Keep reading for more details.

Mark a message as saved or unread

If you seek to recall to read a message later, you can mark it as unread or saved. Find the top of the message and choose More Options More options button > Save this message or Mark as unread.

Mark a message as saved or unread

To view a list of your saved messages, pick your profile picture at the top of Teams, then select Saved.

Say more with a reaction

You can swiftly respond to any message with an emoji reaction. To acquire the holistic set, hover over a message and choose your preferred one. Then, watch it emerge in the upper-right corner of the message.

A cursor hovers over a message in Teams to show the emoji reactions menu.

Improve the readability

If you must translate or read text out loud, test the following options:

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