Set a reminder flow

Applies to: SharePoint Online.

Get an e-mail reminder for items due soon with a preset Microsoft Flow in SharePoint Online. Underneath are the standard operations you can undertake. Set a reminder displays in the Flow menu of all lists and libraries with an further date column presenting in the view.

Create a reminder flow

  1. Click Automate Set a reminder > [select specific date column name here].
  1. Below the Set a reminder panel, type a flow name, and number of days in advance reminder, and press Create.

Edit a reminder flow

  1. Select  Automate Power Automate See your flows.
  1. Find the reminder flow by name in the list on the Power Automate website.
  1. Pick the pencil icon to edit the flow.
  1. Change the number of days in the Days to remind me action and press Save.

Delete a reminder flow

  1. Click Automate Power Automate See your flows. The Power Automate website launches in a new browser tab.
  1. Beneath My flows, for the newest flow you’ve made, click Get an email reminder.
  1. To confirm that this is the right flow you shortly created on your specific SharePoint list or document library, choose the pencil (Edit) icon.
  1. To erase the reminder, click the vertical ellipsis (More) icon, and from the drop-down, pick Delete.

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