Set presence options

With Skype for Business, check if your coworkers are available, or update your own status.

  • Select the arrows by your name to define your presence or location manually.
  • The three most used presence indicators are:
  • Available SfBPresence_Available
  • Busy SfBPresence_Busy
  • Away SfBPresence_Away

  • Other popular presence indicators feature:
  • Do Not Disturb SfBPresence_DoNotDisturb
  • Offline SfBPresence_Offline
  • A purple dot appears next to a contact’s name if they’re Out of Office SfBPresence_OutOfOffice_small_dot .
  • You can still IM the contact and they’ll get the message as a Missed conversation in e-mail, or when they’re online and back on Skype for Business.

Note: Learn more about additional Skype for Business presence indicators.

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