Set up an online meeting

With Skype for Business, arrange online meetings in advance or on the fly.

  1. Select your Outlook calendar and press New Skype Meeting.
  1. Insert your invitees, enter a subject and agenda, and confirm a date and time.
  1. Press Scheduling Assistant to see everyone’s availability.
  1. Populate attachments to a Skype for Business meeting:
  • Select Insert tab.
  • Pick Attach File.
  • Browse to the desired file to apply.
  1. Prior to sending the e-mail:
  • Choose Meeting Options icon in the Outlook ribbon to check meeting permissions.
  • Pick A new meeting space to confirm your stated meeting permissions.
  1. Select Send after the meeting invite is ready for submission.
  1. If someone hasn’t got for Business, they can press the link from the e-mail invite to join.
  1. For impromptu meetings:
  • Press Meetings tab Meetings Tab_SfB in Skype for Business.
  • Choose Meet Now button.
  • Invite the person you want to talk to and press OK.

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