Set up the time clock for Shifts

Applies to: Office for business, Microsoft Teams.

Employees can deploy the time clock to clock in and out with their mobile devices. Managers can format optional location detection, which identifies where employees are once they clock in and out. These settings are modifiable or removable at any time. 

Set up the time clock

  • In Shifts, choose Settings in the top left area of the app screen, scroll down to Time clock.

    Setting up time clock in Microsoft Teams Shifts

Include optional location detection

Location detection logs where your employees are clocking in and out. They can clock in or out from any place, but we’ll notify them if they’re not on location. Your employees must approve GPS permissions for Teams, and solely the locations where they clock in and out are recorded.

  1. Check Include location detection and complete your workplace’s coordinates.
  2. Press Turn on


  • Employees’ mobile GPS permissions are necessary. Tell your team that Time Clock will request for GPS access. 
  • GPS locations are guesswork. Occasionally, employees could be inaccurately marked as off location.

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