Set up your SharePoint hub site

Applies to: SharePoint Online, SharePoint Online admin centre.

SharePoint administrators can develop  hub sites in SharePoint Online. To create a hub site, a SharePoint admin upgrades an existing site to a hub site. 

A hub site combines sites based on a project, department, division, region, and so on. Associating a site with a hub site standardises finding related content, news, and site activity across all associated sites. Obtaining the highest value from hub sites demands some initial planning.

Use hub sites when you need:

  • Consistent branding across a collection of associated sites.

  • Increased visibility to collections of related content.

  • Enhanced search and navigation capabilities for content relevant to specific groups of people.


  • To perform these steps, you must be the site collection admin.

  • Some functionality is introduced gradually to organisations that have set up the targeted release options in Microsoft 365. This means that you may not yet see this feature or it may look different than what is described in the help articles.

In this article:

  • Edit the hub site name and logo.

  • Edit the hub navigation bar.

  • Change the hub site theme.

  • Choose a site design for associated sites.

  • Implement an approval flow.

  • Turn off an approval flow.

  • Delete an approval flow.

  • Approving site-association requests.

  • Add the News web part.

  • Add the Sites web part.

  • Add the Highlighted Content web part.

Hub site basics for hub site owners

Edit the hub site name and logo

The hub name and logo display in the hub site navigation bar and enables others to distinguish the hub when connecting sites.

Example of a hub header, highlighting the hub name and logo
  1. Press Settings Settings for SPO Migration tool .
  1. Click Hub site information.
  1. Set your edits and Save your changes.

Note: You can hide the hub site name as long as you have selected a logo

Edit the nav bar

To guarantee content can be quickly reached, customise the navigation of your hub site. Consider using a mega menu to expand content visibility. 

Image of a navigation bar with "edit" highlighted
  1. Pick Edit.
  1. To generate a new menu link or header, hover amidst topics until you notice the plus sign.
  1. To edit, move, and remove nav links, tap the ellipsis.
  1. Apply your edits and Save your changes.

Change the hub site theme

All sites associated with the hub site inherit the hub site theme.

  1. Pick Settings Settings for SPO Migration tool .

  1. Choose Change the look.

  1. Choose your preferred style. A preview of the theme launches.

  1. To import the theme to your site, click Save.


  • If the theme for the site that was converted to a hub site was never changed from the default theme assigned by SharePoint at the time it was created, the sites associated with the hub site do not inherit the hub site theme.
  • Classic experience SharePoint sites that are associated with a hub site retain their original theme.

  • Changes made to the theme may not appear right away.

Choose a site design for associated sites

Associated sites are the individual sites that are connected to the hub site. If made available by your admin, select a site design to apply to all associated sites. The site design automatically applies to sites that join the hub site in the future.

  1. Pick Settings Settings for SPO Migration tool .
  1. Pick Site information.
  1. From the drop-down list, choose your preferred site design you want transferred.
  1. Click Save.

Note: Your admin manages site design options.

Manage hub site association settings

To manage access by individuals and groups, configure who can access the hub.

  1. Click Settings Settings for SPO Migration tool ,  and then press Hub settings.
  1. Scroll to Permissions, and pick Manage who can access the associated sites.
Hub permissions

3.   Choose permissions for the Hub.

4.  To automatically sync hub site permissions with sites that associate to the hub, switch the toggle to on.

5.   To grant access to this hub site, specify the names of individuals or groups.

Sync hub permissions to associated sitesSync visitors with the hub

Manage site association approval flows

Create an approval flow

To provide full organisational understanding and to safeguard sensitive content, manage sites associated to hub sites through a regular approval process. Forming approval flows mean new site associations comply with a standard set of criteria determined by the hub site owner prior to entering the hub site. 

Once your admin has created a hub, site collection admins for the hub can shape and organise site association approval flows in Hub site information.

To design a new approval flow:

  1. Go to the hub site and select Settings  Settings for SPO Migration tool , and then click Hub site settings.
  2. Toggle the Require approval for associated sites to join.
  3. To create the approval flow, select Create flow.
  4. Name your flow.
  5. Confirm the approved site additions come from one or more of the hub site owners.
  6. To complete and implement the new flow, select Create flow.

View flow details and manage previously created flows in Hub site settings.

Note: There are no approval flows for sites leaving hub sites.

Turn off an approval flow

  1. Find the hub site, pick Settings Settings for SPO Migration tool , and then pick Hub site settings.
  1. Switch the Require approval for associated sites to join.
  1. After you toggle this setting, new sites will not prompt approval to be associated with this hub site. Your approval flow will remain saved.

See flow details and manage previously created flows in Hub site settings.

Delete an approval flow

After you deactivate an approval flow, the approval flow is not promptly deleted.

To delete the approval flow:  

  1. Visit the hub site, and in the left hand corner of the Microsoft 365 navigation bar, pick the App launcher icon.
  1. To reach the Power Automate website, choose the Power Automate app. If you do not find the Power Automate app, pick Explore all your Apps, and then scroll through the list and find it.

  1. To view all previously created and active flows, click My flows.

  1. Choose the approval flow, and then press Delete.

When the flow is deleted, it is deleted indefinitely from the flow in Power Automate.

Do more with your hub site 

Add the News web part

To check news from associated sites, Add the News web part to the homepage.

In the news web part, pick “sites across the hub” as the source. You can decide which associated sites display news on the hub site home page, and viewers will only read news for sites they have access to.

Add the Sites web part

To review activity on associated sites, Add the sites web part to the homepage.

Add the Highlighted Content web part

To radically highlight content from a document library, a site, a site collection, or all sites, Add the highlighted content web part.

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