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Typically, only people inside your organisation can send responses to your form or quiz. To enable anyone to submit responses, choose the drop-down Only people in my organisation can respond and then press Anyone with the link can respond.

Note: Only people in my organisation can respond setting is exclusive for Office 365 Education and Office 365 Commercial subscribers. To discover this setting, please log in with your school or work account.

Send a form link to others

  1. Access the form you’d like to share and click Share.
  1. Ensure the Link button is picked, and then press Copy beside the text box that shows a form URL.
  1. Copy and then paste this link in e-mail, a class workbook, etc.

Share a form QR code

  1. Choose the QR button to see a QR code for your form.
  1. Click Download, and then choose if you wish to save the QR code (in .png format) or launch it. Insert the QR code in the location where your respondents can scan it with a QR code scanner, like with a mobile device.

Embed in a webpage

  1. Click the Embed button.
  1. Select Copy adjacent to the text box that reveals the embed code, and then enter or paste this embed code into a blog or web page to embed your form inside the document.

Invite others through e-mail

  1. Pick the E-mail button.
  1. Once your standard e-mail editing application opens, input the sought e-mail addresses of the individuals you prefer to see your form in the To box of your e-mail editor. Microsoft Forms contains a concise note for the recipient in the e-mail body to ensure they have actual context for your invitation and a direct link to your form.
  1. As soon as you’re ready to send your form or quiz invitation, press Send.

Note: Anyone who gets the form link through e-mail will be able to forward that e-mail to anyone else where they can view and finish your form. Make sure you’re comfortable sharing the details prior to distributing the link.

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