Share to Outlook from Teams

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

You can share chats or channel conversations to Outlook—all from the comfort of Teams. 

Note: You must have Outlook on the Web enabled. If it’s turned off, the Share to Outlook option isn’t displayed in Teams. 

Share a chat from Teams to Outlook

From inside Teams, you can share a copy of a chat as an e-mail to Outlook.

  1. Pick More options More options button and then select the Share to Outlook option.
  2. Select your recipient(s). You can even insert attachments or customise the message with common e-mail options.
  3. Then, choose the Send button to share your chat. 
Share a chat to Outlook

Share a channel conversation from Teams to Outlook

In Teams, you can even share a whole channel conversation as an e-mail to Outlook.

  1. In a message, pick More options More options button and choose the Share to Outlook option.
  2. Pick your recipient(s). You can even choose from custom options, amend the subject line, and embed attachments.
  3. Then, select the Send button to share your channel conversation. This extracts the full conversation history.
Share a channel conversation to Outlook

Note: The Share to Outlook feature is currently unsupported on mobile.

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