Sharing and syncing files

Create a File

  1. To produce a new file, click New and the file type you need.
  2. When the new file appears in your browser, input text, images, and much more to your file and it will be auto-saved to the document library.
  3. Choose the site name to view the latest file in your document library.

Upload a file

From your computer, click your target file and then press down your mouse to drag and drop it into the document library.

Share a file

  1. Choose the file you want to share to create a green check-mark.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Choose an option to share your file:
  • Enter the individuals’ e-mails you want to share your file with and enter a message, then click Send.
  • Copy Link produces a direct link with the file that can be shared via e-mail or Instant Messaging (IM).
  • Outlook launches your Outlook app with your file automatically embedded to a recently created e-mail.
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