Store videos in Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a video service that is able to assist people in your organisation with uploading, viewing, and sharing videos securely. You can share recordings of meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that benefit your team’s collaboration. Microsoft Stream also simplifies sharing video comments, automatically creating captions and transcripts, tagging timecodes in comments and descriptions, and discussing the content with colleagues.

Where to store videos for your own use vs. those for a wider audience

In many situations, unplanned videos for sharing with a wider audience can be stored in your OneDrive or in a SharePoint document library—even videos that have a niche audience or are currently under review. However, when videos must be shared with a larger audience within your organisation, we recommend that you use Microsoft Stream. When uploaded to Stream, you can use the Stream SharePoint web part to embed videos across Microsoft 365 like in SharePoint News articles and PowerPoint presentations.

How to upload videos to Stream

Begin by visiting to and signing in with your organisational e-mail. Then, follow the instructions according to the page you’re uploading from.

Note: Microsoft Stream supports a broad range of video formats. For the most widely-accepted format, use the MP4 format.

To upload from any page:

  1. In the Microsoft Stream portal, click Create > Upload a video or the upload icon from the top navigation bar.
  1. Drag and drop, or select files from your computer or device.

Upload a video in Stream

To upload from the Videos page:

  1. In the Microsoft Stream portal, choose My content > Videos from the top navigation bar.

Videos section in Stream

  1. Drag and drop, or select files from your computer or device

Additional resources

To learn how to embed Stream videos in other Office applications, like SharePoint, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer, see Collaborate using Microsoft Stream in different products.

For more on sharing videos, see Share your videos in Microsoft Stream.

Administrators can get more info at Microsoft Stream for IT Admins.

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