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Use Microsoft Planner to monitor customer support issues, such as running a small IT support team.

Move a task

With buckets structured by priority, you can rearrange tasks from one bucket to another according to their deadline.

  • Pick a task you want to reprioritise and then switch it to your sought bucket.

See everyone’s availability and assign a task

Search for a free team member and then delegate a task to them.

  1. Press Charts.
  1. In the Members pane, discover the team member with the minimal assigned tasks.
  1. Pick Group by > Assigned To so Unassigned tasks are presented initially in the list.
  1. Press Members and drag the requested team member onto the task to form the assignment.

View everyone’s status

Review every task in Board view to check everyone’s progress and juggle everyone’s respective workload.

  1. Press Board > Group by > Assigned To.
  1. From the Assigned To view, you can:
  • View the bucket name below the task name to enable you to balance work by importance.
  • Drag-and-drop tasks to alter who they’re assigned to.

Close a task

After you’re finished with a task, exit it to mark it as complete.

  • Choose¬†Complete task¬†once you’re done with a task and want to exit it.

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