Sway Quick Start – Add content in Sway

Add content to your Sway

  1. Pick the + icon at the bottom of your desired card to create content after.
  1. Choose text, image, video, or other content types.
Screenshot of the Insert Content option.

Find content to add to your Sway

You can filter for and insert further content to your Sway, like an image that is reserved on your computer or mobile device. Sway can also explore the web for related content, such as videos, and import it to your Sway.

  1. Press Insert on the menu bar.
  1. Choose the content source menu, and then pick your ideal content source you want to locate.
  1. Enter any search keyword or phrase into the Search sources box.
  1. Choose Search The Office Support site Toggle Search button. .
Expanded search source menu.

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