Sway Quick Start – Create in Sway

Start creating

You can design a new Sway from scratch, from content in a current, or from a topic.

  1. Pick Get started.
  1. On the Welcome to Sway page, click one of the following:
  • Create New – to begin using a blank workspace.
  • Start from a topic – to have Sway offer initial content for you. Enter your topic in the Enter a topic box, and then click Create outline.
  • Note: If Sway doesn’t collect abundant public data for the topic, Sway advises you to consider related topics. Pick the most relevant topic, and then press Create Outline.
  • Start from a document – to import content from an existing file. Browse to and choose the file, and then pick Open.
Composite screenshot of the Welcome To Sway screen and the QuickStarter topic entry pane.

Get to know the Storyline

The Storyline is where you write, add, edit, and format the content that outlines your story. Here are some Storyline basics:

  • Content is structured in sequential order by inserting “cards.”
  • Every card stores your preferred content type — including text, images, videos, and even Office documents.
  • You can alter the cards’ order at at any convenient time for yourself to serve your needs.
Sway Storyline tab.

Give your Sway a title

  1. Choose the Title your Sway placeholder text displayed in the first card on the Storyline.
  1. Enter a concise and purposeful description of what your Sway is all about.

Note: When you make a Sway based on a topic or document, the title is already filled with information for you according to the topic or file name.

Screenshot of the Title Your Sway input box.

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