Sway Quick Start – Design and share in Sway

Change the design

  1. In the Design tab on the menu bar, click Styles.
  1. Pick your ideal theme.
  1. Choose Customise in the Styles pane to modify a precise aspect of the existing theme, such as colour, font choices, and the emphasis of animation.

Tip: You can pick Remix! in the Styles pane to relay a random design to your Sway randomly. Press Remix! repeatedly until you see the right design that reflects your taste.

Screenshot of Sway design thumbnails.

Change the layout

  1. Pick the Design tab on the menu bar.
  1. In the Styles pane, decide whether your content should scroll vertically, scroll horizontally, or have the appearance of a presentation.
Screenshot of Sway layout thumbnails.

Preview your Sway

When you preview your Sway, you can glance at how it will display to others when you share it.

  • Preview your work in progress in real-time by picking the Design tab.
  • Click Play on the top menu bar to completely interact with your Sway (including any interactivity options that you’ve added).
Sway Design tab.

Share your Sway

Sharing your finished Sways is very easy. Family, friends, classmates, and coworkers can check your creations on the web without signing up, signing in, or downloading anything.

  1. Choose Share on the top menu bar.
  1. Pick an option for sharing your Sway.

Note: Your choices on this menu are influenced by the type of account that you used to sign in to Sway. You can edit the privacy settings for any Sway whenever you want greater control over what you share.

For a more in-depth view at each available sharing choices, see Share your Sway.

Screenshot of the Sway Share pane.

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