Create a survey

Desktop Applies to: Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams. Use Survey to capture data from your co-workers, get insights, and make informed decisions. Create a survey 1. To design a Survey, click Menu (“…”) below the box where you type your message. If Survey isn’t in the Suggestions section, search for it in the Find an app search bar or select More apps to find itContinue reading “Create a survey”

Create a poll in Teams

Desktop Applies to: Microsoft Kaizala, Microsoft Teams. With Poll, you can get constructive feedback on questions by creating a real-time poll right from a chat or channel in Teams. Create a poll To create a poll, click Menu (…) below the box where you type your message. If Poll isn’t in the Suggestions section, search for it inContinue reading “Create a poll in Teams”

Video – Create Hierarchical groups

Try it! In Hierarchical groups, data flows from top to bottom. From groups to subgroups. Touch the + beside the particular group you’d like to add a subgroup to. Press New group. Label the subgroup and select the arrow. Choose the members you wish to add. Pick the group and then touch the arrow for a preview. IfContinue reading “Video – Create Hierarchical groups”

Video – Create a group

Try it! By the bottom of the screen, press the Chats icon, and then pick New Group. State your group’s name, insert a picture if you want, and then select the Next arrow. Add people or groups: scroll through the list and pick them, or filter for them in the search box, and then press the Next arrow. Hit the Done checkmark to verifyContinue reading “Video – Create a group”

Video – Discover Actions and Groups

Try it! You can discover actions, groups, games, and more on Kaizala. Discover Groups Just before the bottom of the screen, choose Discover. Work Groups are made by your organisation and partners. Public Groups are accessible to everyone. Press Public Groups, find group, and then select Subscribe. Discover Actions By the bottom of the screen, press Discover. Choose Kaizala Actions, andContinue reading “Video – Discover Actions and Groups”

Video – Publish training

Try it! Use the Kaizala Actions to insert content, create questions, and publish training. To append content: Pick a chat. Press Actions, and then choose tap Training. If you don’t see Training, select ADD MORE+ and add it. Put in a title, description, and photo, and then press the checkmark. Touch Next, and then choose Add Content. Select Text, apply your training content,Continue reading “Video – Publish training”

Video – Submit a bill

Try it! Use the Kaizala Actions cards to send a bill. By the bottom of the screen, press Discover. Pick Kaizala Actions, and then touch Submit Bill. Select the required contact. Type the invoice Amount and Merchant name (this is entirely optional but offers security). To attach an invoice, hit Take photo or Add from gallery. Select the arrow. Want more? Use KaizalaContinue reading “Video – Submit a bill”

Video – Share your location

Try it! Use Kaizala Actions to share your location. My Current Location allows you to share your instant point location while My Live Location permits a contact to keep tabs of your real-time location as you travel. Share your current location In a chat, press Kaizala Actions, and then select Share Location. If you don’t have Share Location: Hit Add More. Choose ShareContinue reading “Video – Share your location”

Video – Request a location

Try it! Use Kaizala Actions to request a current or live location. Current Location grants you access to view someone’s instant point location while a Live Location records an individual’s real-time location as they wander. Request a current location Press Kaizala Actions, and then select Request Location. If you don’t have Request Location: Hit Add More. Touch Request Location. Press Add. Choose Request Location > CurrentContinue reading “Video – Request a location”

Video – Create a quiz

Try it! Use Kaizala Actions to make a quiz. In a chat, press Kaizala Actions, and then choose Quiz. Note: Don’t see Quiz? Press Add More to add it. Add a Title and Description. Insert a Cover Image, if you want. Hit Next, and then select Add Question. Type the question and choices. Touch the correct answer. Select an option for your quiz, like date, time,Continue reading “Video – Create a quiz”