Import, link, or move data to SharePoint

Applies to: Access for Microsoft 365, Access 2019, SharePoint Online, Access 2016, Access 2013, Access 2010, Access 2007. Want to merge and advance both Access and SharePoint? To do so, you can import, link, or transfer data between them. Importing creates a copy of the SharePoint list in an Access database. Linking connects to data in another programme, so that youContinue reading “Import, link, or move data to SharePoint”

Team News in the SharePoint mobile app for Android

Keep posted with important or interesting stories with the news feature in the SharePoint mobile app for Android. News stories are created to be presented optimally on any device. Reading Team News The News tab displays the most recent articles from your sites you’re following and frequently visit together with suggested sites. Press to readContinue reading “Team News in the SharePoint mobile app for Android”

Video: Stay connected on mobile

Try it! Using the SharePoint Mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to remain connected to your team’s news, sites, and vital links — even when you’re on the go. Find tab Quick access: Glance at your latest content and people. Frequent sites: Find frequently visited sites. People: View those that you work with.Continue reading “Video: Stay connected on mobile”