Tips for searching notes

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote 2016, OneNote 2013, OneNote 2010, OneNote for Mac, OneNote 2007, OneNote for the web, OneNote for iOS, OneNote for Android phones.

For more favourable results when searching notes, remember the following tips:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters interchangeably – Searching in OneNote is not case sensitive. For instance, if you enter “Monday”, OneNote obtains all notes that include both “Monday” and “Monday”.
  • Use only the first few letters of a word to expand your search results – Once you enter the initial few letters of a word, OneNote collects any words that include those letters. For example, if you type “Tim” and you have notes that include the word “time”, OneNote finds all notes containing both “Tim” and “time”.
  • Use “audio recording started” or “video recording started” to find audio or video notes – Whilst you record audio or video notes, OneNote intuitively adds the text “Audio recording started” or “Video recording started,” depending on the recording type. To search for audio notes, write audio recording started. To search for video notes, enter video recording started.

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