Total the data in an Excel table

  1. Select anywhere inside the table.
  1. Go to Table Tools > Design, and click the check box for Total Row.
  1. The Total Row is added at the bottom of your table.

Note: If you apply formulas to a total row and switch the total row off and on, Excel will save your formulas. In the previous example, the SUM function was used in the total row. When you insert a total row initially, the cells will be blank.

  1. Pick the column you want to total, then choose an option from the drop-down list. In this case, we applied the SUM function to each column:
Example of selecting a Total Row formula from the Total Row formula drop-down list
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You’ll see that Excel produced the following formula: =SUBTOTAL(109,[Midwest]). This is a SUBTOTAL function for SUM, and it is also a Structured Reference formula, which is exclusive to Excel tables. Learn more about Using structured references with Excel tables.

You can also employ a new function to the total value, by picking the More Functions option, or typing your own.

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