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Microsoft Planner is useful for tracking a process such as following patients from scheduling to follow-up.

Create a task

Create a task at the outset of your workflow.

  1. Press + to create a task.
  1. Enter the patient’s ID number.
  1. Decide a due date.
  1. Click Assign to offer the task to someone, and then pick Add Task.

Add files to a task

Attach a file to a task which guarantees colleagues have their essential information as a task progresses through a workflow.

  1. To attach the patient’s paperwork, choose a task and then press Add attachment > SharePoint.
  1. Click the patient’s file and then press Save.

Add details to a task

Give details on a task to deeply clarify a task through a workflow.

  1. Choose a task and then write in your desired summary in the Description.
  1. Press Tab to save it, and then choose Show on card so the details will display on the task after it’s closed.

Note: The appointment information now shows on the task, and the new owner receives a notification that a patient is assigned to them when they log into Planner.

Move and reassign a task

Keep tasks moving in a workflow by rearranging them to another bucket and reassigning them.

  1. In a task, click the Bucket drop-down arrow and then pick the next bucket in the workflow.
  1. Choose the assigned person on the task, select a new owner, and click X to erase the formerly assigned person.

Assign a task

Assign or reassign a task to someone else.

  1. Press Assign to and select the person to collect your task.
  1. Click X to delete the previous owner.

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