Troubleshoot errors in OneNote for Windows 10

Applies to: OneNote for Windows 10.

This article has troubleshooting tips about possible errors you could experience whilst using OneNote for Windows 10.

Errors when opening OneNote notebooks

Here are some actions to try when you’re encountering general errors while attempting to open and sync your shared notebooks.

How do I open notebooks created in an earlier version of OneNote?

OneNote supports notebooks in the 2010-2016 notebook format. If you’re trying to access a notebook that’s been saved in either the OneNote 2007 or the OneNote 2003 format, you’ll need to first convert the notebook using the desktop version of OneNote. To do this, launch the notebook in OneNote 2016 or 2013, and then select File > Info.

Beside the target notebook name you want to convert, click Settings > Properties. In the dialogue box that appears, press the Convert to 2010-2016 button, and then select OK. When you’ve done these steps, return to Windows 10 mobile version of OneNote and open the notebook there.

My SharePoint notebook doesn’t sync

OneNote supports SharePoint 2010 or newer, so you’ll run into problems if you try to open and sync a notebook stored on any earlier version of SharePoint. Contact your SharePoint administrator if you’re unsure which version of SharePoint your team is using.

SharePoint errors

Here are some solutions to consider when you’re encountering particular errors while using OneNote with notebooks shared on a SharePoint sites. Many of these procedures mandate administrator privileges on your SharePoint server.

Turn off Required Check-in/Check Out in the SharePoint Document Library

Do the following:

  1. Explore your way to the document library in SharePoint.
  1. On the Library Tools ribbon, click Library > Library Settings > Versioning Settings.
  1. Change the Require Check Out option to No.

Turn off Minor Versions in the SharePoint Document Library

Do the following:

  1. Find the document library in SharePoint.
  1. On the Library Tools ribbon, choose Library > Library Settings > Versioning Settings.
  1. Edit the Document Versioning History option to No Versioning.

Turn off Required Properties in the SharePoint Document Library

Do the following:

  1. Locate the document library in SharePoint.
  1. On the Library Tools ribbon, press Library > Library Settings.
  1. Below the table titled Columns, check if any items have a check mark under the Required column.
  1. Choose any item marked as required and then mark the Require that this column contains information option to No.

Quota errors

Here are some suggestions to use when you’re experiencing disc issues that could affect your notebooks’ storage.

I’m getting Quota Exceeded errors

OneNote can’t sync notebooks when your storage space is completely full. To resolve this problem, first establish if the notebook is stored on OneDrive or on SharePoint. OneDrive URLs will normally include some variation of OneDrive, while SharePoint URLs are likely customised by the server administrator in your organisation.


If your notebook is stored on OneDrive, inspect how much free space you have remaining for your account. If you are almost or completely out of space, you can erase unwanted files, or purchase additional OneDrive storage space.


If your notebook is stored on SharePoint, you may have surpassed the storage quota that’s been provided to you. Contact your SharePoint or IT administrator to resolve the issue.

Your Computer

Notebooks that are stored on OneDrive or SharePoint are also cached locally on your computer. If you’re running out of disc space on your computer, the error could also display. To free up space for your notebooks, think about deleting unnecessary files.

If you have abundant storage space remaining and you are still noticing this error message, please report this issue in the OneNote forums on Microsoft Answers so we can investigate the source and recommend a solution.

OneNote can’t open my page or section

If you’re seeing the error “There’s a problem with the contents in this section,” try the following:

  • Launch the notebook in the OneNote desktop version, which offers notebook recovery options.

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