Troubleshoot notifications for Teams mobile apps

Applies to: Microsoft Teams.

Note:  To manage e-mail notifications, see Manage notifications in Teams.


Here are the notifications you should get by default

  • Chat—once someone sends you a message in a one-on-one or group chat.
  • Mentions—anytime you or a channel you’re a member of is @mentioned.
  • Replies—as soon as someone replies to your post in a channel, or to one that you’ve also replied to.
  • Calls—once someone calls you via Teams.
  • Meeting started—whenever someone joins a Teams meeting on your calendar.

Here’s how to troubleshoot common issues

Getting some notifications but not others.

Here’s a fix for it

Getting zero notifications on your mobile device.

Here’s a fix for it

Want notifications about activity in your channels?

Here’s a fix for it

Getting some notifications but not others

Your Notifications might be customised.

If you’re solely receiving alerts about specific kinds of activity, some notifications may be switched off.

Click Menu  More button > Settings > Notifications and check your preferred notifications are activated.

Getting zero notifications on your mobile device

Teams notifications might be disabled.

There are two approaches to fix notifications on your mobile device: one is through settings in Teams, and the other is to find the Settings app on your mobile device. Notifications are toggled off automatically on iOS devices.

We request your permission once you first launch the app, but you could have passed this step, or disabled notifications from the device’s Settings app.

Here’s what to do:  

  1. In Teams, select Menu  More button >  Notifications.
  2. Press Open settings
  3. Choose Notifications > Teams.  
  4. Switch Allow Notifications on.
Image shows Allow Notifications toggled to On position in Microsoft Teams

Since you’re here, customise how you obtain notifications, such as switching on sound to receive a chime once a notification arrives.

Important: If Teams is hidden in your iOS settings, uninstall and reinstall Teams to repair this issue.

You might currently be active on the Teams web or desktop app.

To minimise distractions and depleting your device’s battery, we halt notifications on your mobile device while you’re using Teams on the web or the desktop app. You’ll begin getting mobile notifications after we identify that you’ve been dormant on the web or desktop for five minutes.

Here’s what to do: 

Update this setting if you want to constantly receive notifications on your mobile device.

  1. In Teams, select Menu  More button > Notifications.
  2. Below Send notifications, press Always.
Image shows Notifications checked to Always in Microsoft Teams

Get notifications about activity in channels

Go to your teams list.

  1. Select a channel’s name.
  2. Choose the Bell in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. Touch All new messages in this channel to activate notifications.
Image shows bell highlighted to show Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Note: If you still don’t get a notification on your mobile device, send a report to inform us. In the mobile app, pick Menu   More button > Settings > Send feedback

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