Troubleshoot the Website tab in Teams

Microsoft Teams.

Having trouble loading an address in a new Website tab? That happens occasionally in the Teams web app due to specific sites protecting themselves from being embedded in other sites.

Once a site won’t load, a banner displays saying If your site isn’t loading correctly, click here. Continue and select there for options.Website failed to load in a tab

The next page offers you three options to solve the problem:

  • Pick View the site in your desktop app to open it in the Teams desktop app, where it should work fine.
  • Choose Go to the website to open the site in a new browser tab outside of Teams.
  • Select Reload this tab to try again.

Options when you have problems loading a website

To bring up those options again, just press Reload tab Reload tab button in the top right corner immediately after you sense there’s an issue. You should also tap Reload tab Reload tab button if a tab that used to work is unexpectedly behaving erratically.

Remember, these issues don’t usually pop up in our desktop app, so if you’re frequently running into this problem, consider going over there.

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